Pete Townshend Mick Jagger
Pete Townshend Mick Jagger: Unrequited lust Reuters

The Who's Pete Townshend has revealed in his new memoir Who I Am that the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was the "only man I've ever wanted to f***".

Guitarist and songwriter Townshend, 67, the creative force behind one of British rock's greatest bands, made the revelation in his tell-all autobiography.

Currently being serialised by The Times, one of the surprise stars of Who I Am is Mick Jagger.

In 2010 Keith Richards, the legendary hard-living lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, claimed in his memoir, Life, that Mick Jagger had a "tiny todger." The damaging and deeply personal slur about Jagger, who has long gloried in his reputation as the ultimate womaniser, is said to have permanently strained the relationship between the ageing rockers.

However, Townshend comes to the rescue with quite a different description of Jagger's manhood.

"Mick is the only man I've ever seriously wnated to f***," Townshend writes, before going on to describe the evening in 1965 when he came to this realisation.

"He was wearing loose pyjama-style pants without underwear. As he leaned back I couldn't help noticing the lines of his cock laying against the inside of his leg, long and plump. Mick was clearly very well-endowed."

Townshend told The Times of his admission: "I did do that very deliberately. Let's hope it gets the same publicity second time round."

Author Phillip Norman, who has written books on the Beatles and John Lennon, will detail Mick Jagger's complex and extensive love life, his relationship with Keith Richards and the untold stroy of his 50 years at the top of the muisc business in his new biography, Mick Jagger, out on 2 October.