A petition that seeks the removal of Amber Heard as L'Oreal spokesperson is slowly gaining more signatures following the leak of audiotapes that revealed how the "Aquaman 2" actress physically abused Johnny Depp.

A fan of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor started the petition on March 20, 2019, and it has since gained traction thanks to the audio recordings. Two recorded tapes of Depp and Heard's conversations provide incriminating evidence showing that Heard was the domestic abuser during her marriage to Depp. Initially, she accused the actor of domestic violence when she filed for divorce in 2016.

"A liar and an abuser, a shame for women," reads the "Remove Amber Heard as L'Oreal spokesperson" petition on Change.org, which as of writing now has 2,938 signatures out of its 5,000 goal.

The request quoted the statement Depp's lawyer, Adam Waldman, gave to The Hollywood Reporter in 2018, in which he promised that they will provide "overwhelming evidence" to prove that Heard repeatedly violently attacked and severely injured Mr. Depp and then FAKED abuse allegations against him." The evidence includes photographs, sworn testimony and admissions, and eyewitness accounts.

The petition also included the second leaked audiotape where the "Rum Diary" actress can be heard ridiculing Depp for claiming that he too, is a victim of domestic violence. She challenged the actor to go to court and seemed confident that the judge and jury will believe her because she is a woman. In the recording, Depp pleaded for Heard to settle their ugly divorce privately instead of dragging it to court, but she refused.

Another petition created on Feb. 5 that also seeks the removal of the actress as L'Oreal spokesperson had netizens commenting that she is a "deplorable" person. She sabotaged and destroyed Depp's character and career and "made a mockery of the #MeToo movement."

The "Remove Amber Heard as L'Oreal spokesperson" is just among the many petitions fans have raised online. There are also five petitions addressed to Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to fire the actress as Mera in "Aquaman 2." There are reportedly already talks in the studios that she will be replaced. A quick search of the actress' name yields several other petitions all relating to her domestic violence claims against Depp.

Amber Heard
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