Petr Cech
Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has played a record 118 times for Czech Republic in his 14-year career Getty

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has admitted that he will consider his international future with the Czech Republic after the European Championship final in France later this year as that will allow him to focus more on the Gunners. He has not yet made his final decision, but believes it is time for him to take a new direction in his career.

The 34-year-old former Chelsea goalkeeper has been with the national team for 14 years making a record 118 appearances. He believes the right time to think of it will be after the Czech Republic's participation in the Euros, while making it clear the outcome of the tournament will not have an effect on his decision.

The Arsenal stopper, who is tipped to be handed the arm band by Arsene Wenger next season, is keen to focus more on his duties at Arsenal, and believes the lack of travelling during international breaks will give him time to recover and maintain a good level of fitness for a longer period of time.

"I'm turning 34 and it's time for me to consider it. The other day I thought: Isn't it time after 14 years on the national team to think about brining this chapter of your life to a close?" Cech told MF Dnes, as translated by his official site.

"The less I have to travel around and play for the national team, the higher the probability that I'll be able to retain my focus at Arsenal. After all, I'm not getting any younger."

"I feel on top for physically, but it's been the same things all over again since 2002. Way too much travelling around and barely any time for rest. You eventually reach a point in your career when it becomes time to come to a halt and choose a new direction. That point will come after the EURO," the Czech international explained.

"The way I feel in general, but that'll have nothing to do with how we do in the Euro. Our Euro group is incredibly difficult so that's not a condition for me. Regardless of the outcome in France, I'm going to have to sit down during the holidays and make up my mind."