The Philippines has confirmed a second case of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) today (6 July).

The 36 year old patient showed symptoms after arriving in Manila last month from Dubai. He was admitted to hospital on Saturday and is under observation, Health Ministry spokesman Lyndon Lee-suy said.

Contact tracing is now underway, the spokesman said, according to Reuters.

The first case in the Philippines was discovered in January when a Filipino nurse working in Saudi Arabia contracted the disease.

In South Korea, the death toll from the MERS outbreak currently stands at 33.The Straits Times reported that the latest infection in South Korea involves a 50 year old cancer patient who was confirmed as having the virus after being in precautionary quarantine for 14 days.

Her husband caught the disease on 22 June and was discharged after making a full recovery last week, the paper said.

The disease is thought to have a maximum dormancy period of 14 days.

"It is likely she acquired the virus from her husband, and the symptoms belatedly showed up after her cancer treatment compromised her immune system, said Dr Jeong Eun Gyeong of the MERS special response team.

"We believe there is no possibility that patient No. 186 was exposed to medical staff infected with MERS ... We are conducting further investigation on other medical staff or patients but such a possibility is low for now," Dr Jeong said.