Mc Donald's
The shooting occurred in a Mc Donald's in Talisay City, central Philippines Reuters

A German man has been fatally shot while a French man and an Indian man have been wounded by gunmen inside a McDonald's restaurant in the central Philippines today (20 February).

The shooting reportedly occurred at the fast-food outlet in Talisay city following an argument between the Indian and French victims, Cheten Saparaiya and Julian Millard, and two unidentified Filipino men.

The two foreigners are residents married to Filipino women, AP reports.

German Henry Haffner, 31, was outside the restaurant with his girlfriend when the two Filipinos returned with more armed men who started shooting.

The three foreigners, who were outside the restaurant, ran back inside when the men started shooting. Haffner rushed inside to take cover but was also shot. He died on arrival at hospital.