A photo of an airport worker lying inside a plane's turbine and giving a pose to his fellow co-worker at what appears to be an Australian airport has created a stir on social media.

Sydney-based blogger Brown Cardigan, who took this photo, shared it on his Facebook and Instagram account on Saturday (20 January) with the caption: "It might be his only chance to die inside a Rolls Royce".

In the image, a man can be seen performing the stunt lying on his back in a casual pose, inside the Rolls-Royce turbine of what is believed to be a Boeing 777, the Daily Mail reported.

The co-worker, who took the photo, can be seen standing on top of one of the airport's ground support vehicles.

Many social media users found the stunt amusing but wondered whether the man would keep his job after the image has gone viral, Daily Mail reported.

A person wrote, "Wonder if this was why our flight was delayed this morning?"

While another wrote: "Sure his a** is fired after this!"

According to former airport workers, the man's pose is a rite of passage in the aviation industry, the Daily Mail reported.

Although the Sydney Airport authorities did not confirm where the photo was taken, they said on Sunday (21 January) they were investigating the matter.