The deep sea is home to many strange life forms that humans know very little about. A Russian fisherman by the name of Roman Fedortsov, who fishes in the depths of the Barents Sea, is a person whose profession lets the rest of us get a chance to see some of these amazing-yet-terrifying creatures.

Fedortsov has been catching some never-before-seen creatures for some time now. And, as always, Fedortsov took to Instagram to share snaps of his latest treasures, one of which is shaped like a cricket ball and seems to be oozing out an orange slime from it body.

Это не краб, как может показаться. Это рак-отшельник. Крабоид Lithodes maja is a species of king crab

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"New artifact for Stalker. Disgusting beauty from the depths," Fedortsov wrote alongside the photo he shared on the photo-and-video-sharing application. "It's alive."

"What is it??" a follower asked, while another chimed in, "Oh wow! That's so interesting! What is it??"

Someone else said, "Sea flame artifact!" Another user added, "Quite creepy."

Another photo shows a mean-looking catch that seems to closely resemble the appearance of a crab but with numerous horns on its body.

"Looks like this take birth when a crab got lucky with a starfish," a user said, while another added, "Thought this was a starfish at first glance!"

"How do you get all those strange looking creatures? Are they accidental findings inside the net?" Someone asked and another added, "Holy! You find so many interesting things! That's awesome!"

Another picture shows a fish that will send chills down your spine if you stare long enough at its freakishly large eyes. Fedortsov jokingly captioned the photo, "When you drink too much coffee."
"More horrifying than I ever could have imagined," a follower said, while another asked, "Most eye EVER relative to body size!?"

Another user said, "Freaky looking but so cool!" Someone added, "Best one you've ever caught."