Piers Morgan recently confronted Lorenzo Gilyard, who is believed to have killed six women in Kansas City, Missouri, over 17 years ago. Gilyard has been dubbed the Kansas City Strangler, and was convicted of carrying out the murders in 2007.

On the ITV show, Serial Killer, Morgan asked, "What is your view of prostitution?" To which Gilyard replied, "I don't have no view. That was how they worked to make their money I guess."

Gilyard, has been suspected of having murdered as many as 13 women - mostly prostitutes.

The Good Morning Britain presenter pressed if he has ever paid women for sex, Gilyard said no and added, "Basically, you pay for sex all the time when you buy them a drinks."

During the interview, the GMB host asked Gilyard about what he felt about the women that were "dragged off the streets and strangled". He replied that he did feel "bad...but there ain't nothing I can do about it."

"I'm sorry what happened to them, that's all I can say," Gilyard said, adding that he did not commit the murders.

The convicted killer maintained his innocence, and said he had no idea about what his defence was during the murder trial.

"You were charged with killing 13 women and you don't know what your defence was?" the 52-year-old TV host stormed. "Do you think I'm an idiot Lorenzo? Do I look like an idiot to you?"

After Morgan's no-nonsense questioning, Gilyard cut the interview short and walked off.

Morgan told Loose Women that Gilyard is a serial killer who has murdered at least 12-13 women. "The police think there may be up to 25," Morgan said, adding that the police arrested Gilyard after his swab test, which was done 20 years before the murders, matched with the DNA found on one unsolved murder and then was matched to 12 dead women.