When love is in the air, would-be couples usually have a lot to say to each other but Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender did not speak a word when they met each other the first two times.

The Oscar-winning actress revealed to ELLE UK that instead of speaking to each other they just danced when they were together at the Toronto International Film Festival. The couple tied the knot last year after falling for each other on the set of 2016 movie The Light Between Oceans.

"The first two times we met, we didn't chat, we only danced," the 29-year-old actress told the publication, according to Evening Standard.

Vikander also revealed why she and her 40-year-old husband moved to Lisbon in Portugal last year. She said when she met Fassbender three years ago he had told her that he had visited the city and loved it. She also said after Brexit she thought it would be best to stay in Europe even though she was happily living in London at the time. Besides, her friends were also moving to the city.

"And that was a time when I was just starting to feel really at home in London, but after Brexit I think I was like, 'Meh, you know what, I want to stay in Europe'," she said.

Vikander also opened up about her latest role in the Tomb Raider franchise saying the character of Lara Croft is a sex symbol "in some ways" but she finds someone daring to speak up more attractive.

"What makes a woman or a man attractive is someone who dares to speak up, who dares to show their personality. It's tough being a young girl at this time, you know?" she said. "I'm now working in an industry which lives on creating an image, a fantasy and I feel like I need to show younger women that is what it is."

Speaking to Games Radar, Vikander said she could never compete with Jolie's portrayal of the character. "I could never compete with what Angelina did. She made her into an icon because she is an icon," she told the publication.