Shocking footage has been released that captures the moment a pilot died when two planes collided at an airshow in Italy.

In the video footage, obtained by Reuters, two small aircraft can be seen colliding during an exhibition off the Adriatic coast in Tortoreto, Abruzzo on Sunday (31 May). The video shows onlookers from a nearby beach watch in horror as wreckage from one of the planes falls into the sea.

Sadly 47-year-old Marco Ricci, one of the pilots involved in the crash, died in the incident. His body was found under the fuselage of his plane about 2km (1.2 miles) offshore.

The other pilot, 43-year old Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti, managed to perform an emergency landing and was reportedly not injured in the crash.

After the crash, the airshow was immediately stopped. An autopsy is due to be carried out on Wednesday (3 June) and an investigation has been opened into the crash.