A pilot reportedly known for "inventive flight art" made an impact on popular flight-tracking app Flightradar24 by spelling out the word 'hello' as he went for a spin over northern Germany. The flight, of around 37 minutes, saw the small Robin DR-400 / 180 Regent aircraft take off near Agathenburg before taking a route that spelled out the word before landing in the same place.

Flightradar24, a site on which you can keep track of all flights globally, told the Guardian that it was a real flight and that "This aircraft has a history of inventive flight art."

The same aircraft drew a plane with its route earlier in the year before signing the sky and flying off.

These aren't the only times the private pilot has used the tracking app as an artistic medium – they have taken to north Germany skies once before to draw a large green heart.

A heart over northern Germany
A heart over northern Germany Flightradar24

In early 2015, two recently hitched staff members of Air Malta took to the skies to paint two hearts side by side, as they plane embarked from the airport they were married at.