An Air Malta pilot and his stewardess wife took an unusual heart-shaped flight path over the island in celebration of their marriage.

The hearts' pattern in the skies grabbed attention after a live air traffic tracking site,, caught the Air Malta flight KM14JC forming the hearts over the island.

Speaking to Sky News, an Air Malta spokeswoman said the couple first got married at the airport before embarking on the unusual flight path: "They are both members of staff at Air Malta. He is a pilot and she is a member of the cabin crew.

"They were joined on the flight by family, friends and colleagues who had been at the wedding.

"I think it was a very romantic flight. They flew close to Sicily, so they could see Mount Etna through the window."

Malta International's arrivals board revealed a 'JUST MARRIED' remark next to Flight KM14JC as it flew over the Mediterranean in two heart-shaped paths.

Social media users were left baffled.

"Here in Malta when we say love is in the air we mean it," tweeted Nicholas Vella.