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Pippa made a royal entry and how! The whole world went gaga over her and her famous derriere. Never has there been a rear-end obsession like that attached to Pippa Middleton, as a whole nation prepares to celebrate Ass Appreciation Day in Honour of Pippa's most talked about butt.

Several social networking sites have profiles dedicated to this woman's famous bottom, boasting hundreds of thousands of followers.
"Hey, even I - a straight woman - can appreciate female perfection when I see it!" writes one follower on the Facebook profile: Pippa Middleton ass appreciation day.

Most sought after for her enviable figure and style, Pippa Middleton has gotten the royal treatment ever since she made her grand entry in front of the shutter bugs.
Pippa's signature look is chic and simple, on-trend yet timeless. The sleeveless shift dresses, designer sunglasses, chic leather bags and sophisticated flats (along with permanently bronzed skin) made her an instant rage.
Take a look at Pippa's best looks from this past year!