The City of Paris is cleaning graffiti and posters off the Place de la Republique's Marianne statue, which has become the focal point for mourning, adorned with thousands of makeshift memorials as a tribute to those who died in the horrific series of terror attacks that the country has witnessed over the past two years.

Place de la Republique
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Adorned with flowers, candles and notes the Marianne pedestal has become a colourful, poignant memorial which people have used to show their condolences and support to the victims and their families. Parisians gathered at the square after the deadly attacks at the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper and a kosher supermarket in Paris in January 2015. Paris residents then paid tribute to the victims of the city's 13 November attacks, which claimed 130 lives, by laying flowers and decorating the monument.

Parisian archivists had to select the last of the objects, drawings and documents related to the attacks before the cleaning commenced. The poignant tributes will be preserved in the city's archives and in the Carnavalet Museum, dedicated to the history of Paris. The cleaning of the makeshift memorial, which started earlier this month, is set to be completed by the end of the week.