Playboy's new issue does wonders for anyone wanting to know of the greatest bars to visit, for a drink and dance after the sun goes down.

The August issue features a tour of America's greatest late-night bars, so whether you're from Boston or Memphis, Playboy has a great bar option for you.

The feature titled After Midnight, compiled by the editors of Playboy, provides a coast-to-coast glimpse at some of the most coveted late-night watering holes in the nation.

At these legendary spots, after-hours thrill seekers will have no problem catching live music, enjoying generous cocktails, hobnobbing with eclectic crowds, savouring scrumptious late-night eats, and in some cases, learning a bit of local history.

This extensive guide, is great not only for visiting tourists keen to get the best experience possible from their night out, but also for any locals who may have missed a hidden night treasure in their state.

Following is a list of Playboy's Best Late-Night Bars:

  • Atlanta: The Highlander
  • Boston: The Franklin
  • Chicago: The Green Mill
  • Dallas: Rio Room
  • Hollywood: Jumbo's Clown Room
  • Las Vegas: Double Down Saloon
  • Memphis: Mollie Fontaine Lounge
  • Miami Beach: Mac's Club Deuce
  • New Orleans: The Club Ms. Mae's
  • New York: Mister H
  • Portland: Gold Dust Meridian
  • San Francisco: The Endup
  • Tampa: The Hub
  • Washington, DC: Jimmy Valentine's

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