Pokemon Umbreon and Espeon
Umbreon and Espeon have joined the Eevee evolution gang in Pokemon Go - Here's the trick way of getting the one you want. The Pokémon Company

Niantic's smash hit mobile adaptation of the Pokémon video game franchise, Pokémon Go, is full of fan favourite creatures, from the electric mouse mascot Pikachu to the classic Pokémon Red and Blue starters, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.

With hundreds of different critters hiding in the real world through the magic of augmented reality and location tracking, almost everyone will have a favourite pocket monster, and for many that spot is occupied by the big-eyed Eevee - or more accurately, one of its powerful "Eeveelutions".

In February, Niantic added an additional 80 Pokemon to its popular app from 'Gen 2' of Nintendo's video game franchise, taking Eevee's unique evolution chain (with each form based on an elemental type) to five, with Vaporeon (Water), Jolteon (Electric) and Flareon (Fire) now joined by Espeon (Psychic) and Umbreon (Dark).

The two additions drafted in from the second generation of Pokémon first seen in the Gold and Silver Game Boy games are obtained randomly in Pokémon Go by evolving an Eevee using Eevee Candy.

However, just like the initial Eevee trio, there is a hidden trick that ensures you get the Eeveelution you want. Below we'll explain how it's done:

How to choose your Eevee evolution in Pokemon Go using the nickname trick

  • Catch a load of Eevees until you have 25 Eevee Candy (find out how to obtain Candy quickly here).
  • Select the Eevee you want to evolve and tap the Set Nickname icon (the pencil next to the name).
  • Name the Eevee according to watch evolution you want, here are the five nicknames:

Jolteon – Sparky
Vaporeon – Rainer
Flareon – Pyro
Espeon – Sakura
Umbreon – Tamao

  • Once this is confirmed, select the Evolve option and watch in awe as your Eevee transforms into your favourite Eeveelution!

Fun fact for Pokémon anime series fans, the nicknames are all based on characters from the long-running TV show who are seen use their corresponding Eeveelutions in battle. Sparky, Rainer and Pyro are the names of The Battling Eevee Brothers in Episode 40, while Sakura and Tamao are two of the five Kimono Sisters seen in the Pokémon: Johto League Champions series.

IBTimes UK will be keeping an eye out in the future, as there are still three members of the Eevee chain that have yet to appear in Pokémon Go - Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon - which will no doubt join the Pokédex in a future update.

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