One of the best parts of Niantic and The Pokémon Company's hit mobile game, Pokémon Go, is the excitement of finding a new monster whether it is hidden in a local park, by the bank of a river or even your own back garden. There is, however, a second way of obtaining different species Nintendo's iconic critters, and that's via Pokémon Eggs.

After visiting a few PokéStops (disguised as real-world landmarks) littered around the GPS-powered map, you should have amassed a hefty amount of Pokémon Eggs – all of which require you to walk some distance to actually hatch. The distance requirements range from 2km up to a maximum of 10km, with the rarest hatchlings of the bunch reserved for the latter.

With Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Snorlax, Eevee and, yes, Pikachu, all among the egg brigade, the randomness of the system can be frustrating if you are after one particular Pocket Monster. Thankfully, a chart showing each possible hatchling has surfaced on Imgur based on details gleamed from Serebii.

The list (embedded below) also ranks the eggs by distance requirements, providing Pika-hopefuls with the best chance of claiming an electric rodent of their very own, after stocking up on 2km Eggs.

Of course you will still have to travel the distance needed to actually hatch the egg (sorry, there's no getting around that one) so grab your bicycle or your best running shoes and get moving Poké-trainer!

Pokémon Go's augmented reality take on Nintendo's phenomenally popular franchise for Android and iOS has yet to receive an official release date in the UK and Europe, although a report has surfaced which claims that the game is due to hit other regions (including Japan) "within a few days".

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