Police in Australia have helped grant a Make-a-Wish request from a 12-year-old cancer sufferer who simply wanted to "blow stuff up".

Declan, who is currently in remission after being diagnosed with leukaemia in 2015, was allowed to spend the day with Australian Federal Police's (AFP) Specialist Response Group and even got to meet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after he made the special request to Make-A-Wish Australia.

Declan's parents, Stephen and Belinda, said his wish was because of his desire to do something different and "take his mind" off from his illness.

The young boy was put through his paces with several police scenarios at the Specialist Response Group at its Majura headquarters in Canberra, including given the opportunity to blow up walls, doors and even have his name spelled out by explosives on a special training ground.

Sergeant Peter Murphy from the specialist response group, said Declan was given the full ins and outs of how to deal with explosives as part of his wish.

"I don't think he knew what to expect, and neither did the family," Murphy told the Canberra Times.

"It was great to get the opportunity to help out a family going through a tough time and give them a distraction for the weekend."

His mother said: "The wish was everything we imagined and more. Not only did Declan enjoy the weekend, our whole family loved it."

"We have been looking forward to this wish for months and it has been a great distraction from his treatment. You don't realise how important wishes are until you're receiving one."

She added: "He wanted to just blow something up and he did that which is just awesome."