File photo: Valencia, Spain. The pensioners were killed at an apartment in the city iStock

A copycat killer who arranged his elderly victims' bodies to resemble a scene from chilling thriller Se7en is being hunted by police. The bodies of siblings Juan Carlos Oliva Bellido, 79 and Araceli Bellido, 75, were found in the flat in Valencia, Spain, they had shared for years after neighbours alerted police to a rotten smell coming from the apartment.

When police broke in, they discovered the pensioners, whose bodies had been tied up and stuffed into bin bags full of cat litter then left in a room filled with car air fresheners – an attempt to hide the smell of decaying flesh in a scene straight from the film.

A post-mortem revealed the cause of death was strangulation.

The movie, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, sees the killer commit six murders of people he believes are committing one of the seven deadly sins; pride, greed, gluttony, lust, sloth and envy, with his own death at the hands of the police representing the final sin, wrath.

It is believed the neighbours reported a faint smell coming from the apartment early in May, but police were called after the rising temperatures caused the smell to get worse, The Local reported.

A neighbour had also said a man had left the apartment almost a month ago and allegedly told them the siblings would be out of town for a while visiting family, and police have not found any evidence of a break-in or forced entry.

They are keen to speak with a man who cared for Juan Carlos Oliva Bellido after an operation he had recently.