A harrowing 18-rated film depicting a woman being raped by her husband has been released by Leicestershire Police as part of a hard-hitting campaign to urge more sex attack victims to come forward.

The fictional five-minute film – called "All is Not Lost" – aims to dispel myths about rape and to improve the chances of a successful prosecution.

The film begins with the distressing sounds of the woman trying to fight off her spouse as he pins her down on their bed.

The traumatised victim can then be seen getting up the next day at the couple's home and contemplating what to do.

The scene switches to her rapist husband who languishes in a prison cell, before his jail door suddenly swings opens as his victim decides not to call the police.

More prison doors open for her attacker as she destroys potential evidence by having a bath, deleting text messages and cleaning up the house.

As her abusive husband is allowed to leave prison with each step she takes, he eventually makes his way back into their home where he stands over his terrified wife.

The film reminds viewers that nearly half of all rapes are committed by a family member before adding: "In the event of a rape, the loss of forensic evidence can mean a weakened chance of prosecution.

"Make sure all is not lost ... Don't wash. Preserve all available evidence. Contact the police as soon as possible. Please, help us to help you, get justice."

The second half of the film shows an alternative scenario where the wife changes her mind and decides to call a rape victim support service for help. As a result her husband is kept locked up in prison and she receives the support she needs.

The film, shot in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire by Affixxius Films, is one of two being rolled out in the coming weeks, with the second carrying a 15 certificate age rating.

It comes after Leicestershire Police said just one in ten reported rapes currently result in the perpetrator being convicted.

Assistant Chief Constable Julia Debenham, who is leading the campaign, said: "This campaign is about rape, about victims, and about perceptions.

"But it's also about change – the change in mindset that is required to challenge misconceptions, and to look beyond what we think we know.

"I hope it sparks debate about all the various issues it raises. I hope it empowers victims, and enables us and our CPS colleagues to help them to get justice.

"I also hope that it will make the public think twice about their views, assumptions, and possibly unconscious prejudices."

The campaign has the backing of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as well as Leicestershire Police's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Lord Bach.

"It's absolutely vital that we do everything we can to support those who have been a victim of rape and bring the perpetrators to justice," Lord Bach said.

"We need to give victims the confidence to come forward, knowing that their accounts will be taken seriously and they will be treated with sensitivity. I believe this film will help to do that.

"I'm proud to have helped to fund this campaign. As a former barrister I'm more aware than most of the issues involved in bringing rape cases to court and I'm optimistic that All is Not Lost will lead to more victims coming forward."