A police officer had sex with two women and got oral sex from another while he was meant to be on duty in Staffordshire.

PC Adam Rushton, 37, had sexual encounters with five women while on the beat between 2006 and 2012.

One encounter even took place in a police station during which a woman cuffed Rushton with his own set of police-issue handcuffs.

On another occasion, he turned up at a woman's home and persuaded her to expose herself by duping her with a story about cyber bullying.

Rushton's disturbing behaviour was only revealed when one of the women mentioned it during an unrelated meeting with officers, two years later.

Jailing Rushton for three years for five miscount charges, including breaching data protection, Judge Murray Creed said he had abused his position of trust.

During Rushton's trial at Birmingham Crown Court, the women were described by Duncan Bould, prosecuting, as being "vulnerable and frightened" when the incidents took place in "extreme circumstances".

Deputy Chief Constable Nick Baker said: "Adam Rushton brought shame on himself, his colleagues and Staffordshire Police.

"I hope it [the sentence] brings some comfort to those who have suffered as a result of Adam Rushton's actions."

The court also heard Rushton misled senior officers who had attempted to help him.