The political news has been dominated by the Chilcot Inquiry this week as it looks extremely unlikely that the report into the Iraq War will be published before the general election.

Sir John Chilcot, who led the investigation, told the Prime Minister that where was "no realistic prospect" of the overdue report until after vote in May.

David Cameron said he expected the investigation, which opened in 2009, to be published "well before" the general election but said he respected Chilcot's decision to hold fire until he had all the fact in order.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also weighed into the debate and warned people may fear that the report has been "sexed down".

The matter was on everyone's lips during Prime Minister's Questions as Cameron blasted Labour for failing to vote for when he wanted the inquiry to start.

The Tory leader argued that we would not be in the position that we are today if they had listened to him.

Beyond the ongoing debate on the report, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the UK's unemployment rate had dropped to 5.8%.

The job figures will be boost to Cameron as we head toward May and makes his "full employment" manifesto pledge look very credible.

The research body also explained that there were 30.8 million people in employment in the three months to November.

The ONS said the figures mean that there were 512,000 more people in work than a year ago.

In addition, the data showed that real wages continued to rise as total pay rose by 1.8% in the year to November – outstripping Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation of 1% over the same period.

The ONS explained that the average total pay (including bonuses) was £483 ($731, €632) per week.

Finally, it's been a bad week for Ed Miliband. A poll from YouGov showed that the Tories took a two-point-lead over Labour as The Greens continue to eat into their left flank.

Which begs the question: Who exactly is the chicken when it comes to the TV debates?

Camron because he won't face Clegg, Farage and Miliband unless the Greens are included or Miliband because of the threat of Natalie Bennett?