Conservatives boosted by new jobs data

It's now 76 days to go until the general election and the Tories have been given a big jobs boost.

The ONS said that the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.7% in the three months to December.

No doubt we're going to hear more about their 'Long Term Economic Plan' and the data also means that Cameron's zero unemployment pledge looks more plausible.

But youth unemployment is still relatively high - at 16.2%.

Esther Mcvey admits ambition to be Prime Minister

Elsewhere, employment minister Esther Mcvey has revealed that she would like to be PM.

The former TV presenter made the revelation on ITV's Loose Women.

"If I had to do a yes or a no, I;ll be honest, I'll say yes," she said.

If the Tories lose the election, Mcvey may well be in with a shout but we expect another female cabinet minister, Theresa May, to be in the running as well.

Peter Oborne resigns from The Telegraph over HSBC coverage

Finally, the media, political and financial worlds were shocked after Telegraph chief political commentator Peter Oborne resigned from the right-wing paper.

Oborne alleged that the publication had failed to give the HSBC tax avoidance scandal fair coverage in a bid not to upset the bank because of the advertising it buys.

Oborne accused the newspaper of a "form of fraud on its readers" for its coverage.

But The Telegraph hit back at its former journalist and said that his allegations were an "astonishing and unfounded attack, full or inaccuracy and innuendo".

Oborne has now called for an independent review of the newspaper's guidelines.