Brooklyn-based artist Kelli Anderson has produced a video showcasing her pop-up book which includes a working camera inside. Anderson said she chose to create a camera from a folded piece of paper, in order to demonstrate how such a humble structure can tap into the properties of light and produce a perfectly good photograph, as seen in the how-to video.

The simplicity of the material makes the reader question how exactly it works. Functional as it is, it mainly serves as a demonstration of how basic materials can be turned into a functioning camera. Anderson chose to include the camera in a pop-up book so she could explain how the design works in an interesting format.

The camera inside is basically a lightproof box with a small hole serving as a type of a pinhole camera which can be made out of different household materials, Anderson said. All that is needed to develop the photograph to a high standard is a phone with a camera to invert the image.