Pornhub and adult film star Christy Mack have teamed up to launch a line of clothing to support the fight against domestic violence. The T-shirts and tank tops feature images of Mack and all proceeds will go to a domestic abuse charity of Mack's choosing.

Mack herself is a survivor of domestic violence after her former boyfriend, the MMA fighter, Jonathan Koppenhaver aka War Machine, assaulted her at her home in 2014, leaving her with 18 broken bones and a ruptured liver. Koppenhaver was later arrested and is currently being held in jail before his trial for assault and attempted murder takes place in the summer of 2016.

The tops all retail at $30 (£21). The site describes the tops as: "Featuring fierce and powerful images of and personally chosen by the model, these unique designs not only bring boldness to any outfit, they also support a great cause."

Mack said in a statement: "Ending domestic violence is a cause that is close to my heart and I'm very proud of this collaboration with Pornhub. I'm really looking forward to making my donation with the proceeds from the clothing line so I hope the shirts sell out quickly!"

Pornhub also released a video on their YouTube channel mentioning some of the statistics behind domestic violence and featuring Mack talking about why the clothing line is a "close cause" to her.