Vladimir Putin
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A Russian lawmaker has said that she wants President Vladimir Putin's sperm mailed to every woman in the country in order to create a greater "military and political elite".

Yelena Borisovna Mizoulina, the Chairwoman of Parliamentary Commission on Women's Affairs, Children and Family, told the State Duma that giving Putin's DNA to Russian mothers would improve patriotism in the country, according to Russian outlet Trust.

"The essence of my proposition is simple", said Mizoulina. "Each female citizen of Russia will be able to receive by mail the genetic material of the President, get pregnant from him and have a baby. These mothers will be receiving special allowances from the government."

"And after the birth of the child, he will have to be given to be raised into the special institutions that resemble Souvorov Schools with the aim that he will be loyal to the Motherland and personally to the President of RF [Russian Federation]," she added.

"Children born from the Russian president in the future will form the military and political elite of the state."

Mizoulina is allegedly known for her strange policy proposals, such as recommending that all Russian Jews leave the country because "we have enough problems".

She also passed a bill this year that outlawed higher education for young women who had not given birth yet.