The updated Power Rangers film may have only just been released in cinemas, but director Dean Israelite already is already talking about a sequel introducing the Green Ranger to the mix.

Based on the TV show from the 1990s, it tells the story of five teenagers who discover magical coins which give them the ability to morph into butt-kicking heroes: the Power Rangers.

Later on in the now cult classic series, the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, was introduced.

Originally a henchman for baddie Rita Repulsa, Tommy later became an ally to the other Rangers and went on to be their leader after assuming the identity of the White Ranger.

The new film set up the plot that Rita (Elizabeth Banks) had been the original Green Ranger before going green with evil some 65 million years ago.

While at the end of the film the Rangers successfully saved the world from Rita, what happened to her Power Coin?

A mid-credit scene gave a massive hint that should a second instalment be given the go-ahead that it would include fan-favourite, Tommy.

Zooming in on an empty desk with just a green jacket hanging on the chair, the teacher can repeatedly heard calling "Tommy Oliver" to no avail while doing a roll call.

Now, Israelite has confirmed that getting fans excited about the prospect was his intention.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he explained: "We thought about the fact that the movie is an updated version of the show, which was teenagers with attitude, so [the tease is saying] if you think these teenagers have attitude, wait 'til you see Tommy. He brings it in bucketloads. That's what this scene is trying to hint at."

Power Rangers sequel to feature Green Ranger
Sequel to Power Rangers movie would see fan-favourite Green Ranger character introduced Lionsgate

He continued: "Obviously, the next generation [of films in the franchise] would hopefully include what we're teasing at the end of this film because I think that's something that fans are really going to enjoy. Even for non-fans, he would be an incredible character to bring into this ensemble, and of course, you want to keep going."

Adding further fuel to the (green) fire, producer Haim Saban has revealed plans for a potential five more follow-ups.

He told Variety: "If this film is as successful as I hope on March 24, on March 25 we'll have the first story meeting for Movie No. 2."

Meanwhile, despite receiving a PG rating in the UK, Russia has given the film an 18+ certificate with a minister branding it "gay propaganda" over the inclusion of a gay character.