Power season 3
Ghost and Tommy in Power Starz

It has been a while since we heard an update on the much-awaited season 3 of Power. The popular Starz drama ended its season 2 run with a pretty explosive finale and ever since, fans have been wondering how the story will unfold when the show returns.

Actor Omari Hardwick, who plays the wealthy nightclub owner and drug lord — James/Jamie St Patrick aka Ghost, and Joseph Sikora, who plays Tommy, spoke to ABC News recently about what viewers can expect from season 3 when it premieres this summer.

"Tommy and Ghost are on the outs," he said about the two characters, who are like brothers. "However, Ghost's manipulation; it's really brought Tommy to his wits' end of trying to get his brother back into the game, back into what they signed up for and back to what they promised."

"We're going to see if Ghost has any change of heart, if he sticks to his plan of getting out of the game and how he does that, because change is hard for everybody," he added.

The actor also hinted at a few surprises and shockers for fans, in the upcoming episodes. "A lot of people aren't who they seem. Even people that we've known for seasons now are not the same people we thought they were," he teased. "There are moles in place; not only in the streets but also in the federal world of Angela Valdez. Things are going to get hot, heavy and consistently dangerous."

Meanwhile, Hardwick teased that his character's love triangle with his wife, Tasha St Patrick (played by Naturi Naughton) and Angela (Lela Loren) was far from over.

"[Angela is] not a normal mistress in terms of that triangular love thing," Harwick, 42, explained. "This is a woman — at 15 years of age, if not younger — was this man's heart and he's never figured out how to stop following it.

"There's a part of him that truly loves this woman and has a truly selfish quest for her in ways that I don't even find Ghost to be as selfish," the actor added, referring to his character's alter ego. "I find Jamie to be more selfish because he knows it's about the quest and it's not necessarily about the heart. He just wants to dominate."

No official release for Power season 3 has been confirmed yet but based on earlier season premieres, the show is expected to return either on 4 or 11 of June.