Vanessa Hudgens stars in NBC new show Powerless NBC

Ordinary humans take centre stage in DC's first-ever sitcom Powerless that features commoners surviving the world of superheroes and their frequent clashes with supervillains. NBC's new superhero comedy starringVanessa Hudgens in the lead role premieres on 2 February with episode 1 titled Wayne or Lose.

Watch Hudgens as Emily Locke in the NBC comedy Powerless on Thursday at 8.30pm EST. DC fans can also live-stream the premiere episode on the official website of the network.

Like most DC fans would have guessed, Powerless makes strong references to Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne. In fact, the series revolves around a manufacturing company, which is a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises and is run by Bruce's cousin Van.

Cut to Hudgens and her character Emily – who is hired as the new Director of Research & Development at the company (Wayne Security) that specializes in "products that make defenseless bystanders feel a little safer".

When Emily moves to the fictional Charm city, she has big plans of motivating her fellow workers to do better work, but that won't last long.

Soon she will realize that her "expectations far exceed those of her new boss Van and her officemates". The ensemble cast also includes distinctive performers like Alan Tudyk as Van, Danny Pudi, Ron Funches and Christina Kirk in key roles.

Considering Powerless plot deals with the damages caused by superheroes and their grand battles on ordinary lives, fans can expect their favourite DC heroes to make an appearance on the show. So far Crimson Fox has been spotted in a trailer video trying to stop a derailed train with her bare hands. Other major superhero references include that of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and the Arrow.

Powerless is surely a refreshing take on DC's superhero world, which usually involves dark and serious storyline. But, will the first comic series woo superhero fans to watch the lives of ordinary humans?

Catch up with the non-superhero action on NBC this Thursday.