Hilaria Baldwin is not letting online trolls affect her decision to hire a nanny for her four kids with Alec Baldwin, and explains her reasoning behind it has to do with her work.

The "Mom Brain" co-host opened up about her hectic work schedule and being a mom to four toddlers in an interview with the "Mom School" podcast. She hit back at the criticism over having a nanny, and called it an "interesting" conversation because people tend to think that she does not take care of her children.

"People will write to you and say, 'Ugh, she has a nanny' — but that doesn't mean that you don't take care of your own kids. It literally means I am also working. I work every single day," Baldwin said, and admitted that it "is not fair" that people "make you feel badly" about it.

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The 36-year-old fitness instructor explained that none of her or her husband's family members live nearby so they cannot watch over the kids for them while they work. So, they hired a nanny instead to help out. She said they "rented a place nearby" so the nanny can come and help them out.

"Neither my family nor Alec's family live close. Right now, my youngest kids are 2, 3 and 4, and I have a 7-year-old," she said, and shared that "it is okay to accept help, and there is no shame that other people should give you because of that."

The "Saturday Night Live" alum also helps out with house chores and he takes care of washing the dishes every day. He also does "toy patrol," which Hilaria explained happens when they go out to the yard to let the kids play. He basically obsesses over how the kids' toys can mess up the yard.

"He's very obsessed with 'the lawnmower is gonna break up this' [and] 'this is going to get stuck in the pool filter,'" she revealed.

Hilaria is pregnant with her fifth child, but she is not ruling out baby no. 6. She merely said "we'll see" and added they may have to add to their growing family if she is carrying a boy since her daughter wants a little sister.

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