A Brazilian woman was arrested for the brutal murder of a pregnant woman, who was drugged, hanged and then sliced open. Police claim the 27-year-old woman ripped the victim's unborn baby from her womb in an attempt to keep the child for herself.

Suelen Coimbra do Carmo allegedly lured 22-year-old Naiara Silva Costa, who was eight months pregnant, to her home on Tuesday (27 June). The woman reportedly told the victim that she would donate bags of new clothes and accessories for the baby, The Sun reported.

Authorities said Carmo then drugged, hanged and stabbed the victim, ripping out the baby from the mother's womb. The baby, a girl, did not survive the attack nor did her mother.

Police claim Carmo buried Costa's body in a shallow grave in the backyard of her home in Goiânia, central Brazil, to cover her tracks.

Meanwhile, the baby was wrapped in some clothes and dumped in a bowl left on a bed inside the house.

Carmo confessed to murdering the expectant mother on the day they met up, detective Azuen Magda Albarello told reporters. The suspect told detectives that she found her victim online after the married mother posted a message seeking help with baby clothes.

"Suelen joined a mother's group on social network and saw Naiara was asking for help," Albarello said. "They began to exchange messages, and the woman agreed with the victim to meet in Goiâna, pretending she would deliver a complete trousseau for the baby."

Carmo then picked up the victim in the capital and drove her to her home, where the crime happened.

Albarello continued: "Naiara died in a terrifying and helpless way probably knowing her child was going to be taken from her. She was doped with a powerful dose of Rivotril, a lethal drug that incapacitates the victim.

"Once the medication took hold the accused confessed she tied a rope around the victim's neck and hung her until she was sure Naiara was dead. Carmo told us, at that time, the baby was still alive and moving in the woman's womb."

Carmo then took a scalpel and slashed open the woman's belly, where she found the baby with her umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck. "Carmo tried to breathe life into the infant but all her attempts to resuscitate failed," Alabarello said. Carmo told detectives that she had planned to keep the baby.

Authorities found plastic gloves, a scalpel and the drug used to on the victim at the property, Metro reported. Carmo, who has a record of drug trafficking, faces two charges of murder and has been remanded in custody to appear in court in July.

The victim's husband, who has not been named, is reportedly under sedation after the brutal murder of his wife and child.