Woman shares shock finding of three-inch deep fried red and white string in her KFC burger from West Ealing. Getty Images

A pregnant mother of two got a shock when she bit into a deep-fried three-inch red and white string in her KFC burger from West Ealing. The 26-year-old woman identified as Keir McNally shared the pictures of the mini fillet burger along with the string covered in breadcrumbs.

"You don't expect to have bits and pieces of string in your burger," said McNally, a Travelodge employee from Uxbridge. "I went into the restaurant and bought two mini fillet burgers, a one piece snack box and a coke. I ate one of the burgers straight away but saved the other for the journey home.

“If I hadn’t noticed, if I’d been able to bite into it, I could have swallowed it!”

Posted by London Evening Standard on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"When I was eating it, I noticed I couldn't pull away, stopped eating immediately and then wondered what was in my mouth and saw the red and white string. I felt really sick. I'm three months pregnant. I was shocked for the whole day."

McNally said the string felt "hard" and "scraped". "If I hadn't noticed, if I'd been able to bite into it there would have been a risk of me swallowing it," said McNally, reported The Evening Standard. After sharing her concerns with a KFC customer service representative, McNally received a "gesture of goodwill".

"The string appears to be from the sack that holds our breading flour, but this shouldn't have happened and we're sorry she experienced this. We have contacted Keir to apologise and offer her a gesture of goodwill," said a KFC spokesperson. Earlier, a law student from King's College London, wrote to Nestle quoting case law from the 1930s after biting into a waferless Kit Kat.

Saima Ahmad, 20, had purchased a multipack of eight Kit Kats for £2 ($2.88) when she stumbled upon a waferless interior, much to her disappointment. Ahmad is now demanding the manufacturer fully compensate her with a lifetime supply of Kit Kat after her "monetary and emotional" loss, or else face further legal action.