Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale
ABC Family's teen thriller will air the season 5 finale on 24 March Pretty Little Liars/Facebook

Pretty Little Liars season 5 has finally arrived at a stage when fans will be able to guess the identity of "A", the hooded tormentor of Rosewood.

The season finale of PLL is titled Welcome to the Dollhouse and as per the promo, the liars, Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily will be kidnapped by the masked villain and will be locked inside a doll house. However, Alison is strangely missing in the promo, prompting fans to speculate that 'A' could have decided to spare her.

The official synopsis for the finale reads: "A" has always had fun playing with Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, but now "they" have the biggest game to date in store for the girls. As shocking secrets come to light and the biggest clue to the "A" mystery is revealed, is this one plAydate the Liars can survive?

Show creator Marlene King had earlier teased that the twin theory could happen on the teen thriller.

"There is a reason why we keep dropping these not-so-subtle clues about the twins, so I would say wait for it. Wait for it. You're not going to see Courtney, but you may see double of someone," King told ETOnline.

But the synopsis of the explosive finale describes that 'A' is actually a team coinciding with one of the popular fan theories.

Does this mean that a team of twins were wrecking havoc on the liars, if yes, then who could they be?

Meanwhile, in the finale episode, the hooded villain will force the liars to play a freaky game and will monitor their actions with the help of cameras.

Mona is alive: Also, the Reddit user has suggested that Mona is alive and that she will be seen in the doll house where the rest of the liars are trapped.

"Basically, the liars are kidnapped and wake up in this life-sized dollhouse. This is where we see Mona alive. She says she's been kept there for a while and there is a creepy A monitoring them with cameras, forcing them to play out certain scenarios, and controlling when they're together/apart," Daisy, a Reddit user wrote.

She also insists that the much hyped finale will be a big disappointment for fans as the mask and hood will not be lifted from "A" but concluded that Charles will emerge as the real antagonist of the series.

Her theory co-insides with a retweet by King where she shared a fan post with names of the DiLaurentis suggesting that someone from the list can be the tormentor of the liars, as the name 'Charles' was present in that list.

Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily in the fan favourite series, teases that the season 5 finale of PLL is the craziest episode of all time and also that the villain will be identified.

"It is probably my favorite episode, and I think I can speak on all of the girls' behalf when I say that ... It is so crazy. It made me question the writers' mental stability. You find out who 'A' is possibly," Mitchell told The Insider.

Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale titled Welcome to the Dollhouse, will air on 24 March on ABC Family.