Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 14
The liars, Alison, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna trying to figure out A.D.'s board game Freeform

Pretty Little Lairs season 7 is on a fast track as far as unravelling the intertwining mysteries are concerned. Episode 13, titled Power Play, was stuffed with big revelations including Alison's pregnancy, the killer of Jessica DiLaurentis and a major backstab.

In the thirteenth episode Spencer's father had a major secret to share with his daughter and it was about her blood mother, whom she was frantically searching in Rosewood. However, he warned Spencer to stay away from her as she is still boiling in vengeance. Upon being grilled by Spencer regarding his ever dubious nature, Papa Hastings breaks the major news, Mary Drake killed her twin sister Jessica. "She used my pills to do it. She buried her in the backyard, and she framed me for it," he claimed.

However, he could not give any proof of the murder and in Marlene King's show, everything depends on concrete proof. Hence fans need to wait and watch to see the real murderer. Hanna, on the other hand, got a surprise visit from her father, who confessed that he was forced to keep Mary at his place.

But Mary was not the only revelation that fans had to deal with as Alison came face to face with a shocking truth regarding her baby. A.D. gave subtle hints to her that Ali is impregnated with Emily's baby. The outrageous truth has shaken Emily, Ali and the girl's gang but it appears Aria is least bothered as she was occupied with her self-centered goals.

King has previously teased huge Emison moment and fans though she was teasing their romance. But with the recent revelation, it is certain that the girls may take their unspoken relationship few steps further by starting a family togather.
Aria finally found out the face behind the high-tech board game and it is none other than Sydney. However, it appears her fear to stay away from the game made her betray her friends. During their Limo meeting, Sydney confesses to shooting Spencer and setting up the game on behalf of A.D.

She also offers Aria a lucrative deal. "There is no out," she told Aria and asked her to join the dark side. "You can change sides, become part of the winning team." Though Aria's response to the deal was never known but her dubious act after Hanna was again chosen to play the game instead of Aria, certainly puts her in hot water.