Pretty Little Liars season 7
The liars are challenged by A.D. to play a deadly board game Freeform

Alison and Emily remained more than friendly in episode 12 of Pretty Little Liars season 7, which aired on 25 April on Freeform. However, Ali still remained uncertain about her life and the decisions she should make.

However, show creator I. Marlene King promises that Ali will overcome the confusions and come out clean about her sexuality before the series concludes. In an interview with Variety, the show creator revealed that she was passionate about 'Emison' romance and loves the couple's fans.

"I'm very passionate about them, and they're very passionate about this couple and their journey together, and they've been very vocal on social media about wanting to hear Alison discuss her sexuality because it hasn't really been discussed," King told the website.

In the beginning of the seventh season, Sasha Pieterse's character got a huge shock when her husband Elliot Rollins revealed that he was the love of Charlotte aka 'A' and have married Ali to avenge the murder of his beloved. He ultimately put Ali in a mental asylum and made sure that she was being tortured enough to live a life in hell on Earth.

However, soon the liars rescued Ali but in the process they mistakenly killed Elliot, which added another deep dark secret in their already complicated life. But their problems were far from over as new big bad A.D. took over A's place to keep tormenting the liars.

Ali went into depression but Emily remained by her side to help her through the difficult times. In the last few episode Emison shared multiple cosy moments but Ali never verbally accepted her attraction towards her long time friend. King promises that their story will be a big part of PLL in the upcoming episodes. "She [Alison] hasn't really verbalized it — is she straight? Is she gay? Is she bi? What is she? In these last ten episodes, that's a big part of her story and it's a big part of her story with Emily."

In Episode 12, titled These Boots Were Made for Stalking, Rosewood High School's latest bad girl Addison is spying on Emily and Ali and secretly clicking pictures of their romantic moments. Her intention remains unknown but it appears she may have links to A.D, who is enjoying some sadist pleasure by introducing the hi-tech board game to the liars and manipulating them to play and relive their past traumas and secrets.