Showcreator Marlene King has announced that Pretty Little Liars season 7 will be the last season and this has raised fans' expectations who are eagerly awaiting the show's summer finale which will be aired on Tuesday (30 August) at 8pm EST on Freeform. The liars, Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Alison are still searching for answers on Mary Drake's missing baby and the identity of Uber A.

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Tilted as TheDArkestKnight, the episode will feature mayhem and shocking twists, including a major death. The official synopsis reads of the episode reads as follows: "The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally. One of the PLLs learns a secret about her past that changes everything while another Liar discovers something about her future that could alter her course forever."

Meanwhile, King has warned fans of an emotionally charged episode ahead of the finale. "One of the Liars' life will change drastically after a certain reveal is exposed. There are two big emotional game changers for multiple liars," the showrunner told Entertainment Weekly.

The identity of Uber A has remained a huge mystery since the premiere of season 7. And the return of Jenna, Jason, Paige and Noel Kahn has only complicated the game. However, the faceless tormentor is going to deliver a fatal blow by killing a major character and the death has been described as "spectacular" by King.

"When I called the actor to tell that person that they were going to die, I did tell this person it is the most spectacular death we have had on the show. It's groundbreaking for us in the way this person dies, for sure. I think it's just fun and chilling and also as we get into the finale and the next 10 episodes, we're trying to come full circle on the show in a lot of ways, and this one sets the groundwork for that," she told the website.

The promo of the upcoming episode has teased few romantic moments between Spencer and Toby, and Caleb and Hanna. It remains to be seen, how the liars will fare in the summer finale especially when the show is running its final season.

"The next 10 episodes of the show really are gonna be the last 10 episodes of the series," King announced on her Facebook page recently.

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