Prince Albert of Monaco is considering adding another royal baby to save his "broken" marriage to Princess Charlene, a new report claimed.

Globe reported that Prince Albert came up with an idea of trying to convince Princess Charlene to have more children with him. The prince allegedly thinks that it is the best way to save their marriage.

An unnamed source told the entertainment news outlet, "Albert and Charlene have wiped the slate clean and seem to have regained their footing in [a] marriage many people assumed was doomed only a year ago. He's glad to have her back at his side for official duties and wants to take it further by having another baby to show off. It would assure Monaco's people all is right with their monarch and his wife."

Unfortunately, the same tipster suggested that Princess Charlene is unlikely to give Prince Albert what he wants. It even claimed that the former Olympian is still hurting over the accusations of her husband fathering a third child with another woman, which is said to be the primary reason why Princess Charlene fled Monaco and stayed in South Africa.

Prince Albert, at the time, addressed the split rumours by releasing a statement claiming that Princess Charlene was in her motherland seeking treatment for her illness. The royal did not admit that their separation had something to do with his alleged infidelities.

The unidentified informant added, "Asking her to have a baby at this stage is a lot, but Albert does have sway over her. People believe he could make it happen – barring any medical or emotional issues."

Prince Albert has yet to comment on the reports saying that he is convincing Princess Charlene to add another royal baby – after twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques – to save their "broken" marriage. So, avid followers of the royal couple should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

For starters, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert tied the knot in 2011. Now to Love reported that the royal couple first met at a Monaco swim meet in 2000 and took their relationship public in 2006 at the Winter Olympic Games, and announced their engagement in 2010.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene at an environmental gala in Monaco in September last year. Photo: POOL / ERIC GAILLARD POOL / ERIC GAILLARD