Prince Charles is said to be troubled over the growing strain in his relationship with his youngest son Prince Harry ever since the latter did that explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

The Prince of Wales has not openly addressed the revelations the Duke of Sussex made in the sit-down interview. He has instead carried on with his royal duties and maintained a calm facade in public.

But according to True Royalty TV co-founder and Editor-in-chief Nick Bullen, the 77-year-old is anything but disheartened. He told Fox News that he knows from people close to the future king that he "has been very hurt over the last few months about the revelations."

"I think it's pretty telling that when Clarence House released their annual report in the summer, they made it very clear that they were funding Harry and [his wife] Meghan [Markle] after their departure," he said.

Bullen is referring to claims made by Prince Harry during the Oprah interview that his father stopped supporting him financially after he stepped back from his royal duties in March. But Prince Charles, through Clarence House, denied his claims by providing a financial statement that proved the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were still under his payroll after they stepped down.

"Harry alleged that after they stepped down, they were immediately cut off financially. But Clarence House turned around and basically said, 'No, that's not true. Harry was receiving money until the summer.' So I think that in itself is pretty telling about how people [in the palace] feel about what's going on," he explained.

The award-winning documentarian admitted that he is an "enormous fan of the Prince of Wales." He said he "has been lucky enough to film with him on quite a number of occasions" and he has even "spent time with him privately."

Bullen called the royal "incredibly hard-working," someone "who puts duty above absolutely everything else" and that he "has put his head down and carved out a role that would make difference long before he ever becomes king." Bullen believes that Prince Charles is "using his role, his position, his platform to make a difference not just for his country, but for the world" despite the negative things Prince Harry has said about his father.

Mark Colborne
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