Prince Charles opened his home in the U.K. to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the hopes of seeing their daughter Lilibet Diana and reuniting with Archie. But problems with the duke's security detail put their reunion in doubt.

The Prince of Wales, and the rest of the members of the British royal family for that matter, have yet to see Lilibet personally since her birth on June 4. Also, they have not seen Archie since he was six months old.

According to sources, Prince Charles made the offer to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just before Christmas. He has reportedly also made great efforts to reunite the family and heal their alleged rift with "good-natured and enjoyable" video calls with the couple and their children in the past few months. During these calls, he had made it clear that he wants to spend quality time with his grandchildren.

"The Prince of Wales has been saddened that he hasn't had the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren, which he really does miss," the source told Mirror adding, "He is a fantastic grandfather and loves playing the role immensely and it's certainly fair to say he feels there is something missing from his life without the ability to get to know Harry's children."

"This is something he is hoping to remedy which is why he made the gesture for Harry, Meghan, and the children to stay with him if they wanted to, whenever they may come home for a period of time," the insider said.

Another source told the publication that contrary to reports that they are not on speaking terms, the "Prince of Wales has spoken to his son frequently in recent months." "He loves him very much, as he does both his children, and he looks forward to them being able to spend time together in the near future."

However, the family reunion may be in doubt. Prince Harry recently revealed that he is unable to return home to the U.K. with Meghan Markle and their children because of the lack of police protection. He said he fears for himself and his family's safety during trips to the country. He requested to personally pay for police protection, but his request has been denied and as a result, he has threatened to file legal action.

Prince Harry, Archie, and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with their son Archie who turned two years old on May 6, 2021. POOL / HENK KRUGER POOL / HENK KRUGER