Prince George will learn new subjects at Thomas's Battersea School this term. When George returns to school after the summer holidays, he will be introduced to many new core subjects. Right now, the little royal is enjoying the summer holidays at Balmoral with his parents and siblings. He is growing up really fast and will be in Year 2 of school this term.

Prince George will be joined by his younger sister, Princess Charlotte, at Thomas's Battersea. The 4-year-old princess is starting Reception at the same school. Six-year-old George will study many core subjects from this year, Hello reports.

The third-in-line to the throne will be taking on more responsibilities. Besides that, he will also be expected to follow the school's foremost rule – be kind.

"The emphasis in the Lower School is on enjoyment and this is embedded in our broad curriculum and our most important school rule of 'Be Kind'," said Helen Haslem, Head of Lower School, in the school's website.

She added that children quickly settle down in a place where the atmosphere is stimulating and happy. "Our foremost aim is to ensure that every child feels safe, happy and confident at school. We help to create an environment in which children are eager to learn and to take an active part in own learning," Haslem wrote.

This year, Prince George and his classmates will be introduced to many new subjects. This means that the little royal will spend more time studying and doing homework now. He will learn Literacy, Numeracy, Science, French, Topic (History and Geography), RS, PSHCE, Art, Computing, Music, Swimming, Ballet, PE and Games.

Many subjects will be taught by specialist teachers. The children will also go off-site on a 'Woodland Adventure' every half term. This is part of Thomas's Outdoor Education Programme.

Haslem explained that in Lower School, children imbibe leadership qualities and by Year 2 they are good to go. It is their independence and maturity that helps them transition to Middle School smoothly.

Prince George School
Prince George attending nursery last year. Getty Images

"He'll be given ten minutes of reading each night and will learn different spellings each week," she said. She added that the future king will most likely be given additional 20 minutes of homework. It may include learning time tables or completing a short written activity.

Thomas's Battersea also gives huge emphasis on physical education. The children here get to participate in team and individual games that help them learn attacking and defending tactics. Swimming lessons are also important; the children will be taught a range of strokes, confidence building and water skills.