Holiday season is officially over. The young royals are back to school.

After a long Christmas break, Prince George, six, and Princess Charlotte, four, returned to Thomas's Battersea school, on Tuesday. According to Daily Mail, returning to their primary classes, the royals will now be beginning the Lent term. Having spent three years in the school, Prince George is now in Class 2 and Princess Charlotte is still in Reception class.

Even though the chill in the air could be a reason of concern for the parents, the siblings have a new and exciting term ahead of them in their private London school that costs 6000 pounds-a-term and 18,915 pounds-a-year.

As per the report, the day at the school begins at 8:30 am for all children. However, the reception classes finish at 3:20 pm and classes for older children end slightly later. Each class consist of fairly equal number of boys and girls and a form teacher. Meanwhile, there are individual and expert teachers for different subjects being taught at school, such as numeracy, science, history, geography, religion, French, PSHCE, art, computing, music, swimming, ballet, PE and games.

Apart from the usual curriculum, Charlotte and George have a lot to look forward to as they return to school. They will have an opportunity to join several extra-curricular clubs that will allow them to learn pottery, singing, creative writing, debating, and more.

What more? The school serves the royals a scrumptious lunch. According to Mirror, parents of the royal siblings Kate Middleton and Prince William are envious of them. The menu at the school includes the likes of gluten-free chili, free-range chicken, and leek topped with puff pastry.

It is carefully designed to provide the pupils with a balanced diet, best for their growing years. Each menu rotates in a three-week cycle and provides protein as the main food option. Vegetables and choice of carbohydrates are other options. When it comes to accompaniments, the meals are ensured to be wholesome with steaming organic vegetables and their food looks like pan-fried turkey escalope in honey, lemon, and garlic, pork sausage plait with onions, fresh herbs and gravy. It doesn't stop at this. The royals can choose from vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

And when it comes to Friday, the weekend gets an exciting start with kids' favourite food such as fish fingers, burgers, risotto, paninis and more. It is declared a meat-free day. The kitchen is managed by "first-class" chefs that use Linda McCartney food to complete the meals.

As for a mid-morning snack, the little ones at Thomas' Battersea are given organic milk, water with fresh fruits, breadsticks or rice cakes, and freshly baked bread and soup.

Citing Fabulous Digital, The Sun reveals that a source divulged that the school's lunches "are the envy of the parents."

"Sugar loading is not permitted," in the school menu, adds the source. Visiting kids from neighbouring schools often enjoy their food in a "spacious dining room" and it is quite "appetising."

The school serves daily meals to 566 pupils, belonging to the age group of four to 13.

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Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at the airport in Berlin on July 19, 2017. The British royal couple is on a three-day-visit in Germany Getty

George and Charlotte enjoyed a three-and-a-half-week winter break. During which, they visited Sandringham, Norfolk with the rest of the British royal family and enjoyed traditional Christmas. They even made a debut at the annual Christmas walkabout from Sandringham Estate to St. Mary Magdalene Church on Christmas Day.