Paul McKenna praised Prince Harry for breaking the stigma surrounding mental health by opening up about his personal struggles in public.

The celebrity hypnotist said the Duke of Sussex paved the way for a "proper debate" about mental health with his candid confession in the Apple TV+ docuseries "The Me You Can't See." He spoke to Oprah Winfrey about his struggles growing up and admitted that he had "shut down his emotions for the last 20 years."

Speaking about the 37-year-old royal, McKenna told The Express, "When [Harry] started talking about mental health now, it's great, we've got a proper debate about it. And, you know, there's a whole emphasis in our culture on being kinder to people. But yes, just by talking about it, first of all, it's a good thing."

The 58-year-old behavioural scientist even described Prince Harry's openness as "encouraging" because he is prompting others to also open up about their mental health struggles. He added, "And also admitting that they've been through a challenge, I think, is an encouraging thing. And, you know, in America for years, people were quite happy to wash their emotional, dirty laundry, on these daytime TV shows. But it was always seen as a bit trashy, which is unfortunate."

McKenna praised the Duke of Sussex for his willingness to open up because he is helping send a positive message to the others suffering. He is telling them that it is okay to open up and talk about their mental health struggles.

"Because on a positive note, where people are prepared to say, 'I've been through this, I've come out the other side,' it says to other people, you can too, and it's okay not to feel okay," he explained. It is "comforting" for them.

McKenna especially mentioned how a public figure like Prince Harry admitted to being depressed and anxious while he was in the military. His admission broke the notion that it is a sign of weakness and helped others find comfort because they know they are not alone with their mental health struggles.

Prince Harry
Harry left the UK last year amid acrimony and a reported rift with his brother Prince William, second in line to the throne Photo: AFP / Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS