Prince Harry reportedly visited the prestigious Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in London's Mayfair to have his balding crown treated.

According to a source, the Duke of Sussex visited the clinic before he and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, moved to Canada following their royal exit. His visit "caused a real stir" but he was reportedly treated well at the clinic.

"This company is so prestigious. It's one of the best places in the world. It's got a whole range of different treatment plans," the insider told The Sun, adding, "The richest, most famous and well-connected use it. The meeting with Harry went well."

Meghan Markle reportedly also visited the clinic to make sure her hair looked its best before her wedding to Prince Harry. The source claimed that not everyone can afford the clinic because any treatment "would be very expensive." This is why the rich and famous have been visiting "the place to go in London" in one of the U.K.'s exclusive neighbourhoods. The clients range from actors, beauty journalists, models, TV personalities, royalty, and professional athletes.

If the source's claims are true, then Prince Harry chose a trusted hair clinic to have his thinning hair treated. The clinic's founder, London hairdresser Philip Kingsley, has been lauded for his great work over his 65-year-career prior to his death in 2016. He "boosted the morale" of his clients and "provided solutions to the most extreme hair and scalp problems." Kingsley also offered "products, advice and regimes for those who simply wanted their hair to look and feel its very best."

Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, unfortunately, got their father, Prince Charles' baldness gene, which is also evident with Prince Philip. The Duke of Sussex used to tease his brother about his thinning hair. Now, he is experiencing the same since he has also started losing the hair on his crown.

There have been reports that stress (from being a royal, father, and husband) may have contributed to Prince Harry's thinning hair. The treatment has reportedly worked wonders to his crown and his hair looks a bit thicker now.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry is patron of the Rugby Football League Photo: POOL / Steve Parsons