Body language expert Judi James said that Prince Harry showed mannerisms on "Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers" which suggest he and his grandfather both share a love of pranks.

Speaking to The Sun, she said the Duke of Sussex appeared "confident" as he shared his fond memories of the late royal in the BBC special. She noted that his "body language is a lot less complex" than Prince William's and that "he uses several signs of empathy with his grandfather to suggest a meeting of minds in terms of their love of pranks."

"Harry's wide-leg splay suggests higher levels of confidence than William's crossed legs and his torso is much more relaxed and slightly slumped in his chair," James explained, and noted that the Duke of Cambridge "primarily exposes respect and affection."

"Harry speaks of his grandfather more as a partner-in-crime or partner-in-banter, using wide, sweeping gestures and a grin that suggests he is more than comfortable with any naughty pranks or royal rule-breaking," she continued and added that, unlike Prince William, the 37-year old "seems to have been able to enjoy and immerse himself in that fun side of his grandfather, perhaps without too many reminders of royal rules and formalities."

Likewise, James noted that Prince Harry's steepled thumbs signal confidence and a sense of power." Unlike his brother who is "identifying with himself as a child" in his memories of Prince Philip, he "seems to identify more with his grandfather in terms of empathy and like-minded thinking."

"Instead of re-living the prank in the child state like his brother, he actually mimics his grandfather, miming his trait of sitting watching the children run to suggest more of an equality and a shared sense of humour and thinking than William's self-lowered signals of childlike awe," she said.

The BBC documentary was supposed to be a tribute for Prince Philip on his 100th birthday on June 10. Sadly, he died on April 9 from old age and after a month-long stay in the hospital. Prince Harry flew back to London from California to be there for his grandfather's funeral on April 17.

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh
14 June 2014: Prince Philip has a laugh with his grandson Prince Harry while they watch the Trooping the Colour on Royal Horseguards Christopher Jackson/Getty Images