Prince William and Kate Middleton's Caribbean tour was marred by protesters seeking an apology and reparations from the British government over its involvement in the slave trade. It is said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle watched the tour with a slightly smug feeling.

A source claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex "followed this whole saga extremely close." They are not "looking to pick a fight" or "delight in any wrongdoing" but "there's definitely a sense of karma" from their perspective.

"The feeling within Team Sussex is that the Cambridges are finally being scrutinised and held accountable for the royals' actions, not just their own. And that it's not always a bed of roses, just because they've turned up and made nice with locals, who have a right to be heard and to sound off about something that's of great concern to them," the insider told Heat magazine.

Royal commentators sounded off on what they perceived to be a royal disaster of a tour from Kate Middleton and Prince William. It is believed that the issue of racism in the Firm raised by the couple during their Oprah interview also deeply affected the locals. They were torn up to hear about it. They claimed that the reception from the locals would have been different had Prince Harry and Meghan Markle been there.

Royal historian Ed Owens said that the Duke of Sussex "had built a good rapport already with Caribbean countries" and the Duchess of Sussex "is much better known in that part of the world."

The source claimed that Meghan Markle also feels that she and Prince Harry "would have done a better job in the Caribbean and that the royal family need them."

"They make it much more modern, which is what the family need. She feels they've been proven right that if they were able to be part-time royals, they would be able to specialise in this type of stuff," the insider said.

However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially abandoned their royal duties in January 2020. This means they can no longer go on tours on behalf of the British monarchy.

William, Harry, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton
Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. Photo by: Paul Grover/AFP/Getty Images Paul Grover/AFP/Getty Images