Prince Harry released a statement calling out a British tabloid for publishing a private letter written by his wife Meghan Markle to her father Thomas Markle. He even announced the launch of legal action against the newspaper.

Piers Morgan, English journalist and television personality has responded to the Sussexes' actions. The "Good Morning Britain" host, who is also a columnist has criticised the prince for his actions.

In his column, Morgan slammed Prince Harry for "playing the victim card" and said that "comparing Meghan to Diana is a mistake" in more than one way.

Harry published a sentimental statement on the royals' official website stating that he refuses to be a "silent witness to her private suffering." To this, the journalist criticised heavily and referenced Meghan Markle's statement at a function where she mentioned that "she never reads any press about herself."

Additionally, in the letter, Harry referenced to his mother's death and how she became the subject of media scrutiny. Morgan said that Meghan is not "in the same league as Princess Diana in terms of fame." And asked him not to blame the media for her death.

"It is honestly one of the most extraordinary rants I've ever read from anyone in the Royal Family, and one of the most inexplicable," Morgan wrote. "He [Harry] has just gone completely rogue, it's highly emotional, highly over the top and I think it's going to backfire," the GMB host added.

Another columnist Stephen Glover says that he does admire the fact that Harry is taking a stand for his wife, but he failed to "provide single instance of the Press's supposedly heinous behaviour." Also, as per the columnist, he may have misrepresented his mother's association with the press. What surprises him is that this outrage came right after the medias extremely positive coverage of their royal tour to Southern Africa.

According to The Guardian, the Duke of Sussex's statement may prove to be "counter-productive" for them as per the royal commentators. Considering that their royal tour was fairly successful and rectified their reputation after a series of negative coverage for frequent private jet travels, BBC's royal editor, Nicholas Witchell, remarked that the timing was "curious."

Meanwhile, palace sources revealed that the announcement was made keeping in consideration specific legal advice. Law firm Schillings, representing the Duchess of Sussex processed the claim on Monday.

Meghan Markle in South Africa
Applause: Prince Harry and Meghan visited a Cape Town rights group fighting gender violence. Rape and murder of women have reached epidemic proportions in South Africa. Photo: POOL / Courtney AFRICA

The lengthy statement by Harry alleged that the tabloid carried out "unlawful publication of a private letter written by Duchess, which is part of a campaign by this media group to publish false and deliberately derogatory stories about her."

Harry, Meghan and their five-month-old son Archie Harrison completed their royal tour to Africa and returned to London on Tuesday.