Prince Harry has been travelling to a number of Commonwealth countries, in the recent few weeks, on behalf of the Queen, as the UK celebrates its monarch's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Harry has just completed a 10-day, four-nation tour.

"It has been slightly strange, this trip especially, because the fact that I've been representing my grandmother...people go crazy for royalty... people go crazy for David Beckham. The Commonwealth countries, fine, I can understand the hype, but the warmth of reception was beyond anything I'd ever expect," Harry was quoted as saying by Celebs Gather.

Meanwhile, Harry spoke in affectionate and endearing terms about the Queen.

"She's a fantastic woman, not only as a grandmother but as a queen, as everybody knows. I never expected the reception, as I said, that we've been given in these countries. The impact that she has on these Commonwealth countries from so far away is astonishing. It choked me up a bit, to be honest. To them, she's the queen, but to me, she's just granny," eonline quoted Harry as saying, in an interview with CBS News.

Harry, who, unlike his elder brother Prince William, is still single and looking for the right girl, also said royal life was no "fairy tale".