Prince Harry can say goodbye to being one of the prominent members of the British royal family if Queen Elizabeth II decides to strip him of his role as a Counsellor of State.

Buckingham Palace is said to be looking at plans to remove the Duke of Sussex and his uncle Prince Andrew as members of the Counsellors of State in the U.K. Not only because they are no longer working royals but because of the problems they have allegedly brought upon the monarchy.

The Duke of York is embroiled in a sexual abuse suit against Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who accused him of "rape in the first degree" in a New York court. Prince Harry, on the other hand, no longer resides in the U.K. but in Santa Barbara, California, since he and Meghan Markle stepped back as senior royals in March 2020.

As Counsellors of State, the dukes are authorised members of the royal family who can carry out official duties for Queen Elizabeth II in case she falls ill or is abroad. These include signing important documents and attending Privy Council meetings, to name a few. There are two other members including Prince William and Prince Charles.

It would reportedly be "the nail in Harry's coffin" if he is stripped of this important role. "Being removed, by parliament no less, as a Counsellor of State would really be the nail in Harry's coffin of his former life as a frontline member of the royal family," a source told the Daily Mail.

"If the Queen does take steps to have this situation remedied and Harry is axed, there really is no going back. All of these decisions – the military titles, the HRHs in abeyance – could theoretically be reversed. However, having parliament take formal action to remove them as Counsellors of State is in another league entirely," the insider added.

However, royal expert Gertrude Daly argued that instead of removing Prince Harry and Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II can add a few more members as Counsellors of State. She said it would make sense to add Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate Middleton since this will eventually happen when Prince Charles becomes king.

Prince Harry
Harry left the UK last year amid acrimony and a reported rift with his brother Prince William, second in line to the throne Photo: AFP / Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS