Prince Harry will tease the contents of his upcoming memoir, titled "Spare," in an exclusive interview with Anderson Cooper on Sunday, Jan. 8.

Cooper shared a preview of his sit-down interview with the Duke of Sussex on Twitter. The clip hints at what could be a "revealing interview" in which the royal gives viewers an insight into his book ahead of its release on Tuesday, Jan. 10. It teases a serious conversation between the two.

"Anderson Cooper will interview Prince Harry on 60 Minutes next Sunday, January 8, on CBS. It will be Prince Harry's first U.S. television interview to discuss his upcoming memoir "Spare," reads the caption.

Prince Harry has promised that "accurate" and "wholly truthful" accounts of his life and experiences will be in his book. He said he wrote it not as the prince he was born, but as the man he has become. His publisher, Penguin Random House, likewise called it "intimate, unflinching, and raw."

There are concerns that "Spare" will be rich with criticism against the British Royal Family. The family is reportedly already preparing for the worst from the revelations in the book.

According to The Sunday Times, "Spare" is going to be "tough" on Prince William specifically, and Kate Middleton also "gets a bit of a broadside." The 38-year-old allegedly gave "minute details and a description of the fight" he had with his older brother in his book. But he was soft on King Charles III who reportedly "comes out of it better" than the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince Harry talked about getting screamed at by his sibling during the Sandringham Summit in the "Harry & Meghan" Netflix series. The show also hinted at Prince William's involvement in the bullying accusations against Meghan Markle.

Regardless of the outcome of "Spare," Prince Harry has the support of royal watchers who applauded him for sharing his own story. One wrote on Twitter, "I am glad Prince Harry is speaking more for & about his life. Too many so-called royal experts have made millions off his name. It's time he got to tell his own story."

Prince Harry speaks to Anderson Cooper about his memoir "Spare." 60 Minutes/Twitter