Prince William is said to be greatly bothered at reports that Netflix plans to defy his orders against using Princess Diana's interview with Martin Bashir for commercial gain.

The Duke of Cambridge has yet to publicly address reports that an entire episode of "The Crown" season 5 will focus on the infamous Panorama interview. Sources for The Telegraph said he is "deeply frustrated" especially given its surrounding controversy.

A recently-conducted investigation revealed that Bashir used illegal means to convince Princess Diana to do the 1995 interview. He used fake bank accounts and told her that aides were told to spy on her by the Royal Family. The accusations reportedly put her in a state of paranoia, according to a friend, who said she went on her hands and knees in her room searching for nonexistent wiretaps.

It was also in the interview that the late Princess of Wales accused Prince Charles of cheating on her. She had said that there were three people in the marriage, making it somewhat "crowded."

Prince William had expressed his anger and condemned Bashir and the BBC for making "lurid and false claims about the Royal Family" which he said played on his mother's "fears and fuelled her paranoia."

The Duke of Cambridge also warned against the use of Princess Diana's interview for any commercial purpose. He said, "It effectively established a false narrative which, for over a quarter of a century, has been commercialised by the BBC and others. This settled narrative now needs to be addressed by the BBC and anyone else who has written or intends to write about these events."

The source told the publication that his "words [on the interview] still stand." This means a reenactment of the Panorama interview in season 5 of "The Crown" should not happen. But a show insider claimed that creators see it "as a keystone moment" and that they are "making a huge investment in that." A representative for the BBC assured that the network "has no intention of showing the interview again" and that it has not heard anything about it from Netflix, which has yet to address the issue.

Princess Diana
20 November 1995:The Princess of Wales is interviewed by the BBC's Martin Bashir for the current affairs programme Panorama BBC/Getty Images